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Kingdom General Info

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    Kingdoms of Argus started off as an idea Marcus had spent a while contemplating. He then expanded the idea throughout time and started the development for Kingdoms of Argus back in 2018. With the help of a friend and a few people he recruited, the idea started developing into something with a promising future. Shortly, after two months of work the server had come to a halt due to external commitments. Two years later, Marcus reconnected with a once close friend who was working on his own project. After not talking for years, he reached out to Marcus through a forum thread. Ever since April, they started working on this project together, bringing Kingdoms of Argus to life.


    In this game mode, players will be able to establish their own kingdom. Players have the opportunity to begin ruling their kingdom as a King or Queen. Once the leader has chosen their title, they can then invite members to their kingdom and assign the new members a class. Some Classes that are available are; Knight, Archer, Blacksmith, Farmer, Engineer, Alchemist, and Excavator. Each class has levels, individual perks, and a distinct role that will be beneficial for the kingdom to help it achieve it's best! The monarch of the kingdom will have the opportunity o design their own kingdom with special Buildings. Each of these Buildings allows for the kingdom to expand, gain more perks and level up. The next class higher from a King /Queen is the Emperor/Empress class. This class is earned by leaders who have taken over 3 kingdoms. Kingdom Wars is a new feature that alongside our new custom models will allow you to conquer other kingdoms. NPC Guards will also be part of your kingdom as you grow. You may hire Knights, Archers, and Royal Guards to protect your land. Lastly, Kingdom Quests allow you to compete with kingdom members to gain experience. Stay and join this server for release to experience them any new features that are soon to come!

    All Kingdom Commands

    • /k create - Establishes a kingdom
    • /k disband - Disband your current kingdom
    • /k leave - Leave your current kingdom (Kings/Queens can’t leave the kingdom they have to disband it)
    • /k invite (name) - Invites new members to your kingdom
    • /k revoke (name) - Revoke the request of an invitation you have sent
    • /k sethome - Set spawn location for your kingdom home
    • /k home - Teleport to your kingdom home
    • /k claim - Expand your kingdom 1 chunk at a time
    • /k unclaim - Un-claim a land
    • /k crown, leader (name) - Give leadership to the member
    • /k chat, c - Talk to your fellow members and/or allies
    • /k promote (name) - Give a member moderator permissions
    • /k demote (name) - Remove a member from moderator permissions
    • /k kick (name) - kick a member from your kingdom
    • /k setclass, sc (name) - Set a class to your member
    • /k announce, ann (message) - Broadcast a message to all kingdom members
    • /k who, info (kingdom) - Will show kingdom info
    • /k stats (name) - Display the stats for the player
    • /k Diplomacy, dip ‎(kingdom) - View all diplomatic options
    • /k ally (kingdom name) - Become allies with other kingdoms
    • /k neutral (kingdom) - Become neutral with kingdoms
    • /k enemy (kingdom) - Enemy kingdoms you see fit
    • /k requests - View all ally requests, accept or deny them
    • /k war (kingdom) - Declare war on an opposing kingdom
    • /k deposit, d (amount of gc) - Deposit gold coin in the kingdom bank
    • /k vault - Opens the warehouse
    • /k levelup - Level up your kingdom
    • /k withdraw, w (amount of gc) - Withdraw the amount of coin you put in
    • /k Quests ‎- Access a list of kingdom Quests
    • /k build - Start placing down structures and build your kingdom


    Q: Can I build my kingdom underground or in the sky?

    A: No, you may not build your kingdom underground or in the sky, that goes against rule 9-2.

    Q: Can I build my kingdom in a mountain?

    A: You may build your kingdom on the side of a mountain, this may lead to immense excavating since structures require flat ground to start building.

    Q: Can I build obsidian/lava/water walls around my kingdom so I can't get raided?

    A: This is forbidden to do as it is not realistic.

    Q: Can I break obsidian with trebuchets?

    A: No, the trebuchet hurdles stone across the map, stone can not break obsidian.