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Kingdoms of Argus Rules & Regulations -- Very Important Read


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General Rules & Regulations
These rules are for the entire Kingdoms of Argus community to follow and are subject to change. We highly suggest our members to read these rules and regulations to improve their knowledge and inform others if they happen to be doing something against the rules. Those who break these rules are subject to be temporarily and/or permanently muted, kicked, and/or banned from the website, discord, and/or MC server. If a rule is not listed, it is more than likely allowed.
1. Do not hack on the server.​
1-1. All malicious hackers spotted on the server will be banned, this includes but not limited to kill aurora, reach, and flying.​
1-2. All other hacks will be temporarily banned for 7 days minimum.​

2. Do not advertise on the server and/or website.​
2-1. Do not advertise in any form of in-game chat, signs, and on the website.​
2-2. You are not allowed to advertise other Minecraft servers.​
2-3. You are not allowed to advertise your Twitch steam / YouTube channel.​
2-4. Talking about other games is not considered as advertisement.​
2-5. You are not allowed to advertise your Discord server unless related to the server or permitted.​

3. Respect each other.​
3-1. No racism, racial slurs, hate, sexism, and harassment. Heavily breaking this rule will get your permanently banned​

4. Chat/Command Spam​
4-1. Do not to flood chat with messages.​
4-2. Do not spam commands.​

5. Betrayals​
5-1. You currently are not allowed to betray the kingdom you have joined yourself.​
5-2. You are allowed to sell coordinates of your own kingdom.​
5-3. Be cautious of who you invite as you may not always be able to prove if someone has betrayed your kingdom or not.​
6. Communication with the staff​
6-1. You are not allowed to ask for any kind of item or boost.​
6-2. You are not allowed to try to get an advantage out of a situation.​
6-3. If you feel treated unfairly by any Helper or other staff members, please contact MarcusG or Colin​
6-4. Always contact a Helper first. They will decide if a higher tier staff is needed for the situation.​
7. Bugs & Glitches​
7-1. You are not allowed to publish any information about bugs or glitches.​
7-2. You are forced to report any bug or glitch you may know of.​
8. Minecraft Names & Skins​
8-1. You are not allowed to fake an identity of any staff or player.​
8-2. You are not allowed to use sexual, obscene or racist names.​
8-3. You are not allowed to include insults in your names.​
8-4. You are not allowed to have any NSFW related content as a profile picture.​
9. Building regulations​
9-1. It is forbidden to leave 1x1 towers or similar structures (2x1, 2x2, etc.) standing around in the world. If you need them for viewing or orientation, tear them down again afterwards, otherwise they will disfigure the world.​
9-2. Underground kingdoms are forbidden. Underground kingdoms will be trashed and the kingdom will be disbanded.​
9-3. You are allowed to construct an underground vault within your kingdom which must look realistic and structurally sound.​

10. Website Threads​
10-1. Create your thread on the correct forums.​
10-2. Do not double post your thread.​
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