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Kingdoms of Argus has been released! Come join now!


New member
Firstly, welcome all new members that have recently joined us! If you haven't seen the server trailer, take a look! <Click me> We have been working on this project for quite some time now and still reach last minute decisions on certain features since bigger and brighter ideas reach out to us from those that suggested interesting features. Server IP: Version 1.16.3

What to expect?

- Learn about the server a bit from our server tour
- Free roam spawn
- Explore the custom world
- Establish your kingdom
- Place down buildings with our building mechanism (
- Benefit from those kingdom builds with their perks
- Set classes to your members (in-process of getting revamped)
- Expect health variations due to your class
- Visit the Hall of Fame
- Visit the Donor/Royal lounge (if rank permits)
- Engineers ability to craft the Trebuchet siege equipment
- World border is set to 10,000x10,000
- Choose between default MC or resource pack

Donator Ranks Our LIFETIME and MONTHLY donor rank prices are final and complete. There will be a 15% OFF sale when we release that will last till the end of October. We definitely plan to add more perks for our donors in the future, if you have anything you'd like to suggest then let us know. Donating will definitely help with costs to run this server and services. I will continue to pay out of pocket until the server can hold its own then use those profits for more development and ideas you all may have. If you haven't checked out the store, check it out here -


What are you waiting for? Come on the server and build your kingdom!