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We are recruiting new Helper!

For some time now the gates of Kingdoms of Argus have been open for you. Some players have joined on our server and are building their kingdom. You have also asked a lot of questions and we hope that we have always answered them. But now we need reinforcement in our team again. As of now you have the chance to apply as a helper. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you directly.

Happy Halloween!

Hello Community since Saturday is already Halloween we have come up with a little something for you. It seems that some people in our spawn have had a little party and forgot their costume hats. In front of all the hats Marcus can't find his golden Elixir anymore. Can you help him? He only knows that he lost it in the main castle building. Once you have found his Elixir, open a ticket in our Discord with a Screenshot and you will receive a reward.

The Elixir should be looking like this

The event will run from 28 OCT 2020 until 04 NOV 2020.

Rules for the event
Please do not tell your fellow players where the elixir is. If we find out that you have told your fellow players, we reserve the right to withhold or take back the reward.

Maintenance 10PM EST

The server will be in maintenance starting at 10PM EST tonight as we will be upgrading to a dedicated machine. We will be upgrading the server RAM to 32GB dedicated instead of 10GB and moving back to our original location which was in EU (Germany) from our current location Canada, Montreal. This transfer should take only a few hours, we will give another notification when the server is back up.

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